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A Week of Prayer and Meditation - Chua Hue Quang

Last week the Hue Quang Vietnamese Buddhist Temple sponsored a week long prayer and studies retreat for over 100 monks and nuns. The attendees from various temples around the area spent their days chanting, praying and studying. Since I am somewhat a member of this congregation I was invited to observe. I spend about 8 hours over 4 days documenting the event. Here are a few of the images.

As always - all images are copyright Peter Politanoff and cannot be reproduced without explicit consent. You are welcome however to link to this site.

All images shot with Leica cameras and lenses.

#Buddhism #VietnameseBuddhism #BuddhistTemples #ChaHuequang #HueQuangTemple #LittleSaigon #LeicaCameras #LeicaMonochromeM

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