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Two lamps, Two cameras, Two different sensors

Essentially the same shot (deliberately not identical) with two different Leica cameras. Same exposure settings, first shot Leica D Lux (typ 109), the second with Leica M/M (typ 246). First camera made by Panasonic for Leica, the second a German made Leica w/ b7w sensor specifically designed for Leica.

Why not identical shots, well I wanted to go for a feeling/vibe in the image, not a pixel comparison. First camera a Leica designed zoom lens, the second camera Leica Summicron 50.

Truth be told I'm sitting in my hotel room in San Juan and a bit bored so I decided on a little test/comparison.

First image, Leica Typ 109

Second image, Leica Typ 246

As usual all images copyright Peter Politanoff / RedStarImage, and my only be reproduced with explicit consent.

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